Keep your hard earned money with
100% commission splits

Real estate industry veteran or just starting out?
PowerStar Realty is here to help you grow your career with the fairest commission splits in Florida.

Why should you join PowerStar Realty?

Here are a few things that make our brokerage truly special.

Everything you need to thrive as an agent

Manage your entire real estate business - including a personalized IDX website, branding, and leads - with kvCore included FREE.

Get the support to match
your career needs

We can help you take the next step in real estate- no matter your experience.

How we help you keep more of your money

Joining PowerStar Realty could help you earn more by cutting your
brokerage costs. Here's how.

  • Big Brokers
  • $280, 000 Sale Price
  • 60/40 Commission Split
  • 6% Franchise Fee ($504)
  • Transaction Fee Included in Split
  • $200 Per Month (desk fees, training fees, etc)
  • $4,538 in your Pocket
  • PowerStar
  • $280,000 Sale Price
  • 100% Commission Split
  • 0% Franchise Fees ($0.00)
  • $0 Transaction Fees
  • $0-$199 Per Month
  • $8,102 in your Pocket
    ($3,564 more than Big Brokers)

Our agents love us. Here's why.

We provide them with the training, fair commission split & supportive
environment that keeps them sticking around.

Pick the plan that's perfect for you

No matter your experience - PowerStar realty has a commission plan that fits your style.

80/20% Commission
$0/ mo
$39 /mo kvCore access
Ideal for new agents looking to grow their careers in a supportive environment - without the excessive monthly fees.
90/10% Commission
kvCore Included
Perfect for agents who regularly close less than four transactions per year and want to maximize their earning potential.
100% Commission
kvCore Included
Ideal for new agents who want regularly do more than four transactions and want to keep 100% of their commission.

All plans include free E&O Insurance

Meet Henry, your go-to broker at
PowerStar realty

When I started PowerStar Realty 15 years ago, my first-hand experience of the predatory nature of Big Brokerages with their extortionate monthly fees and unfair commission splits inspired me to do things differently. I realized that successful brokerages are the ones that put their agent's success first.

That's why, at PowerStar Realty, we maximize your earning potential with 100% commission splits - and provide you with the tools, training, and support to keep you moving forward in your real estate career. What do we get in return? Ambitious, fulfilled agents with razor-sharp skill sets. It's a win-win for everyone.

Are you ready to find out more?

Schedule a time to chat with Henry Fuentes, our Broker & Owner to discover how we can help you grow your
career and become a more productive agent.

Getting to know PowerStar Realty

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